Written by: Lewis Carroll

It is the iconic literary classic that is still widely known to this day and has had countless adaptations ever since its first publication. The story begins with Alice noticing the very peculiar sight of a rushing rabbit holding a watch and of course, being a very curious child, she follows and falls down a rabbit hole. Many fantastical happenings in Wonderland ensue like the ever-changing size of Alice because of her consumption of various things, our heroine meeting anthropomorphic beings, asking advice from a curt caterpillar, an infant turning into a pig, and playing croquet with hedgehogs as improvised balls  to recount a few. Alice meets a myriad of eccentric characters throughout the story. The heroine of the story often goes along with the flow, yet is exasperated by the very strange chain of events her own imagination has (unknowingly) subjected her to. Comical events lead up to the rather abrupt displacement from Wonderland and back into reality.

The story, I believe will remain cherished and sempiternal because of the novelty of the narrative. The many amusing events that occur to Alice appeal to children while the logic and allusions appeal to the mature audience. The author puts many literary references and parodies and unusual use of logic to the tale. It has a very engaging writing style that fits the perspective of a child such as Alice. Many seem to speculate and assume that Alice is going through her queer exploits from a narcotic substance when it is heavily implied in the end that it is merely sensory incorporation in dreams. Alice’s adventure gets cut short by her sister waking her up and brushing off leaves on her face when she dreamt about getting swarmed by playing cards as a conclusion to the ridiculous trial. It is a literary classic that deserves to be read if one has not read it yet, or simply reread for a foray into the amusement of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.